Experience the next level of professionalism, beauty, and care.

At The Brow Clinic, Cris offers the very best you can have done in eyebrows and permanent makeup. Forget about fake-looking eyebrows and forget all bad eyebrow experiences you have had. Cris will go the extra mile to enhance your unique beauty, delivering results tailored to YOUR own unique face.

Cris started her journey moved by the necessity of her own to have permanently good- looking eyebrows.  After some bad eyebrow experiences in some renowned brow bars, she took the decision to study and get qualified in Permanent Makeup – with the unique intent to do her own eyebrows. She then realised that she could make beautiful sets of eyebrows, and that came naturally to her, what she attributes to her eye for detail and life-long passion for art and drawing – she always loved drawing portraits since childhood.

Aiming to provide effortless beauty for everyone that looked for her skills, and seeing her client basis grow so quickly and organically, she dropped her career of 03 year as a Lawyer to pursue her dreams and dedicate exclusively for eyebrows and Permanent Makeup. Cris has since worked extensively with a variety of specialised eyebrow and beauty techniques in Brazil and New Zealand. Having lived and successfully worked in Auckland, she decided to set basis in Tauranga – the place she loved since first time she visited. Through her vast experience and eye for detail, she has gained international reputation of excellence, which led her to found The Brow Clinic.

Cris is also the Cosmetic Tattoo Representative Manager of the NZ Beauty Association of Beauty Professionals, giving fellow professionals orientation and advice.

The Brow Clinic is part of Virtuoso Medical Clinic, a specialised medical clinic with worldwide reputed doctors that offer next generation treatments, using minimally invasive techniques and state-of-the-art procedures. Echoing Virtuoso philosophy, The Brow Clinic is always up to date on the latest national and international techniques and technology, with incontestable artistry.

Our Values

Cris started her business moved by passion. She believes that every step she has taken in life has contributed to build The Brow Clinic, a place where she is able to help people, while doing what she loves.

Her background in Law helped her to develop and improve the capacity of focus and research, while having a vision of responsibility about the work she nowadays performs. You can trust The Brow Clinic is a serious business, which ultimate goal is to make you your better version.


We only offer services we are passionate about – we believe that passion is the best fuel to achieve perfection.

Knowledge and Technique

While passion is our fuel, Knowledge and Technique are our vehicle. We are confident in the quality of the services provided by applying technical, scientific, and aesthetical knowledge.


We are committed to perform our procedures in the less invasive way possible, preserving the skin and the identity of our clients. We follow rigorously the safety and hygiene guidelines, and we make sure our clients are aware of the of the implications of the procedures and treatments we offer.


With our international experience, we are always aware of, updated and qualified on the innovations in our industry, and we carefully choose the best services to be part of our menu.

Aesthetic Sense & Personalised Results

We identify the best procedure and deliver the best outcome to each client. Each procedure is carried to give our clients the best result for her/his face, specially tailored to enhance her/his unique beauty. 

Customer Service

We guarantee good customer service and a safe, comfortable, and relaxing procedure to every client.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable, technical, innovative, and qualified brow clinic in New Zealand. We deliver state-of-the-art procedures, and we make sure we involve our clients in the process.

Our Mission

To deliver to woman and men the absolute best they can have done in Eyebrows and Permanent Makeup, where their unique beauty is seen, respected, and enhanced.

The Brow Clinic – The Place