Frequently Asked Questions


When it comes to beauty procedures, you will find an overwhelming amount of “information” and “brand new techniques” being developed. However, please be careful to choose trustworthy sources. To help you with it, Cris replies to some of the most frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Tattoo?

Nowadays, only the name. All of these names designate the technique of implementation of pigment into the skin to enhance the area treated. In the past, the word “Permanent Makeup” and “Cosmetic Tattoo” was the only ones existent. Aiming to being understood as a more advanced technique, and to run miles from the association with very unnatural shapes as colours (not uncommon in the past), the word Semipermanent Makeup was coiled.  Regardless the name adopted, what really matters here is the place you choose to have these procedures done. The place needs to be reliable and knowledgeable. This is the only way  you can be sure you are receiving the correct application of the technique. 

What is the most natural of the techniques?

Feather touch is the most natural of the techniques, once it mimics eyebrow hairs. Nonetheless, the best technique for your case will be recommended on the day of your procedure/ consultation.

Will I be able to see how my eyebrows will look like before having it done?

Sure. We will draw your eyebrows on for your approval. And you can have peace of mind that our aim is to give you the best and most natural eyebrows you can have done. In the very unlikely case that you don’t like the shape we draw for you, we will adjust it according to your taste and to your possibilities. And don’t worry, we get that this is something done in the middle of your face, and we carry our treatments with due respect. As extra information, if – in the even more unlikely case – that you don’t like the shape after the redrawing you can walk away from the procedure. But we guarantee you that you won’t want that – we know what we are doing. 

Will I miss anything if I do not book a consultation prior to my appointment?

No, you will receive the same information and attention you would receive on a consultation on the day of your procedure. However, if you wish to meet us first, you are welcome to book a consultation.

Do you do male’s eyebrows?

Absolutely. We are seeing them more and more often and they are always very happy with any service provided by us. Of course the technique of shaping is considerably different from female’s eyebrows, once guys prefer more unruly eyebrows. We have the expertise to perform treatments both on females and males. 

Is it true that microblading cause scarring?

This is a DEFINITE NO, as long as the correct technique is applied. At The Brow Clinic, some of our clients are having Microblading done for years, and none of them has a single sign of scarring.

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Should I pluck before coming to see you?

Please no. The more hair in your eyebrows, the better for us. We need to see your natural shape to give you the best and the most natural results. 

How do I make my Microblading/ Ombre Brows/ Combination Brows last longer?

Keep you skin hydrated, and after the healing process, always wear sunblock.

How long does Henna Brows last?

It last up to one week on the eyebrow skin and up to four weeks on the eyebrow hair.

How long does Eyebrow Tinting last?

It last up to three days on the eyebrow skin and up to three weeks on the eyebrow hair.

How long does Eyelash Lift and Tinting last?

It lasts up to eight weeks.