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Not sure what to choose? You are welcome to book a consultation if you are unsure what service to choose, or if you simply want to meet us first before booking your appointment. Note that you won’t miss anything if you don’t book a consultation: on your first session you will be receiving the same attention and guidance you would receive on a consultation.


Get ready

To achieve the best results, you must take some precautions before and after your permanent make up appointment. They are listed below.

What You Need To Know Before Your Permanent Makeup Procedure

You are not suitable for permanent makeup treatment if you:

    • Are pregnant or lactating
    • Are being treated for cancer or finished a cancer treatment less than six months ago
    • Are under 18 years of age
    • Are on Accutane, Retin A, or any related medication
    • Have moles or unidentified lesions on the areas to be tattooed
    • Have Pacemaker
    • Have Diabetes, Lupus, Keloid, Hemophilia, Herpes, Anemia, or Hepatitis

You must take some precautions before and after your permanent make up appointment. 

Before Your Procedure

  • Do not have Botox two weeks before your procedure
  • Do not tint your eyebrows one week before the procedure
  • Peelings and facial treatments should be avoided for one month before and after your treatment
  • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before your tattoo
  • Do not drink coffee before your procedure
  • Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen (it thins the blood)
  • Suspend any use of any blood thinner five days before your procedure


A big part of the eyebrow and lips result will depend on the aftercare. The aftercare instructions will be run with you on the day of your appointment. Here are the most important things to consider:

  • Avoid makeup and heavy sweating for one week
  • Avoid direct sun exposure, swimming and saunas fro two weeks (wear a hat when outside)
  • No facials, botox, chemical treatments, peels, or microdermabrasion for four weeks