Lip Blushing First Session


The result of this technique is “lip tinting look”. It enhances the lip contour, while giving it healthy look. The colour will be chosen with you on the day of your appointment (we work with a wide range of colours and we certainly have a colour that suits you perfectly). It lasts up to 24 months. A second session of same price is mandatory after six weeks. Make sure you book your second session below. Please make sure you are eligible for this treatment here.

Lip Blushing Second Session


A second session is mandatory for Lip Blushing. The second session should be booked six weeks from your first appointment. We recommend you to book your second session as soon as you book your first one.

Lip Blushing Annual touch up


An annual touch up is recommended to keep the lips looking fresh over time. The touch up might be needed only after 24 months, depending on your colour retention.